About Us

We are a ministry that has been around since October of 2005. We have a passion to go where God leads, to search out the brokenhearted and show them the love of Jesus Christ, see them saved, Spirit filled and baptized in water all in the same day.



Ventura N. Gonzalez, President
Vennie Gonzalez founded All Christians Together Serving. Born and raised in Kansas City, MO. He grew up in the housing projects and he seen a lot of violence growing up. As a child he was in a fight and had been beaten up. He came across 2 pictures of Jesus in the trash can. He took them home and began to pray, which was his first real communication with God. Of course, this was just the beginning of his journey with the Lord. No audible voice, no shinning light, just a simple picture of Jesus knocking at the door. He didn't understand what the picture meant but he knew this was God and HE should not be in a trash can. He continued to grow up on the streets of Kansas City. He had his share of bad scenes but at the age of 17, when he heard God call him. Then he understood the picture that Jesus was knocking at the door of his heart. God had called him out and to seperate himself from the trouble that was around him. He wasn't without blame, yet he had a repentant heart. He grew to know God's word and now he is sold out for Jesus and wants to see the violence stopped in Kansas City.




Donna Gonzalez, Vice-President

Donna Gonzalez is the co-founder of ACTS ministry.  Raised most of her teenage years in a single family home, there was not much supervision. At a very young age she was experimenting with drugs and alcohol. As she grew older she became addicted. It was not until she was invited to church by a friend to go and see a play at the age of 24 that she heard about Jesus Christ. That night she went to the alter and surrendered her life. From that point on she was instantly delivered from drugs and alcohol and has been living her life for Jesus Christ every since. She assists Vennie in whatever task needed and she truely loves people and wants to see them saved and living life in the freedom that Christ gives when you accept him as your Lord and Savior.




Supporting ministries include-Sheffield Family Life Center, Feed the People, Full Employment Council, Harris Foundation, God's Wheels Inc, Kansas City Police Dept., Living Water Ministries,  Dream Center, Kansas City Fire Dept., Houses, Hearts and Hands, Tabitha House, My Fathers House, Rapha Temple, Space Walk, Slider Funeral Home, Glory to Glory Ministries, Kansas City Parks and Rec and many more.

If you wish to contact us by e-mail, fax, phone or letter please contact us at:

ACTS Ministry
Fax: 816-886-6945
Phone: 816-918-5935 

Vennie: vgonzalez@acts-ministry.com
Donna: dgonzalez@acts-ministry.com