All Christians Together Serving

 Action Plan
We have seen the tragedy of crime
in the Kansas City area, and the devastation of lost loved ones due to
violence.  What do we do as the Body of Christ?  How do we make a change in
someone’s life?  Well there is A.C.T.S.  We are a facilitator of
Churches and Christian Outreach Organizations to have festivals in and around the
Kansas City Metro Area.  We want to celebrate Jesus Christ.  He is the only answer for a lost world.

Part I

Canvass Information

We begin to canvass our targeted neighborhood area with
literature for either our Community Clean Ups or our Community Crime Prevention
Showcase and also with literature from other neighborhood associations,
community action networks (CAN), and other faith based or community organizations to help combat the crime in the neighborhoods. 
While we are canvassing areas we will also encourage participation to
the people in the neighborhood to help with either community clean ups, stop
the violence events, communicate to CANs about troubled youth in their
neighborhood, and to go to neighborhood association meetings.

Part II

Community Clean Up Program

We are networked in various organization that we contact for
volunteers for clean ups in those particular areas that need cleaning up.

Part III

All Christians Together Serving Community Crime
Prevention Outreach Events

A.C.T.S. All Christian Together Serving are currently networking other ministries and Churches together to have great celebrations in our community for the Lord Jesus Christ and to Stop the Violence in Kansas City.  We currently do all of the
coordinating, supply purchasing, and manage all the subcontracting for theses Christian stop the violence events.  Throughout these events stop the violence literature, banners and speakers will be communicating nonviolence to the people at these event. We are a facilitator of Churches and Christian Outreach Organizations to have festivals in and around the Kansas City Metro
Area.  We currently have tents, multiple stages, sound equipment, moonwalks, tables, chairs, and ministries that will provide hot dogs, drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, horse rides, and clothes for the needy. 

We will continue to hold our outreach events for the scheduled year.  These will include preaching on stopping the violence in the Kansas City area.  Please refer to our website for information of our events and of our events as scheduled.

Part IV

ACTS Discipleship House

Another project that the ACTS Ministry has recently started
working on Is a discipleship home in which we will be providing
biblical training, teaching Men life skills and giving them transitional housing while
helping them break free from the addiction to drugs and alcohol. We will
also be seeking donations of lumber, paint, tile, flooring, plumbing
material, drywall electrical wiring and receptacles and other various types of
construction materials for the remodeling of the discipleship home. Any financial
donations or any like kind donations (i.e. construction materials) would be
given a letter from our organization to be taken as a tax deduction as a part
of our 501C3 tax exempts status and those donations would be greatly appreciated
from the people that we aim to serve.

Last year alone we have touched more than 20,000 people’s
doors and have ministered to more than 10,000 people by doing Community Outreaches and events bringing life and hope to them by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, providing school supplies for children, misdemeanor warrant relief, distributing food and clothing to hundreds of families, giving away haircuts and doing crime prevention awareness by partnering with many different organizations here in the Kansas City area. We believe that because of our outreaches and events we have seen a reduction of crime in the higher crime neighborhoods in Kansas City. Since 2006 we have been involved with or coordinated approximately 60 outreaches, touched over 100,000 doors, and ministered approximately 60,000
people and a majority of them are in the higher crime areas of Kansas City,